Joybies Washable Diaper Piddle Pants For Cats

To determine washable diaper garment size, simply measure your cat along the back from the collar to the base of the tail whilst it is standing on all fours.
The Joybies Piddle Pants™ must be a snug fit so please do not
"oversize" and order too large a size.

Please measure carefully.
Please note - refunds are for defective garments only.

Usual shipping time is 2 - 4 weeks!

This is a patented product. US Patent No. D334252

Red stretchy fabric with blue bow or navy blue with red bow

Voted one of Cat Fancy Magazine's Best!

From $27.95 each
Price ($) increases for larger sizes
shown in brackets

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joybies piddle pants for cats in red

Here's what a School of Veterinary Medicine representative has said!

"Cats aren't particularly fond of wearing Joybies Piddle Pants™ at first, but I highly recommend them over the need to clean furniture or carpeting frequently, or to put an otherwise happy cat to sleep."

"On the positive side, my cats seemed to become accustomed to the pants relatively quickly."

"These well made overalls can be machine washed and line dried"

Recommended by the Feline Behaviour Clinic at Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

joybies piddle pants for cats in blue
Navy Blue

joybies piddle pants christmas cat

Christmas Piddle Pants™ for Cats

Let your Pet be an ornament for the Christmas Season! Your guests will be charmed. Machine wash in warm water, gentle cycle. Dry in low heat for about 10 minutes.
Joybies Disposable Pads

Price $12.99 for 28 pads

Joybies Pads for Piddlers™


Joybies Pads for Piddlers

Super-absorbent disposable pads are specially designed for use with the Joybies Piddle Pants™ cat diaper liner pocket that holds them.

Each Package contains 2 sets of 14 disposable pads for $12.99

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For Dogs

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for Dogs
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